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Posted on: May 30, 2008 4:15 am

Randy "Big Unit" Johnson vs. Roger Clemens

Today Randy Johnson tied Roger Clemens on the career strikeouts list.  To me Roger Clemens still remains a first ballot All-Star and deserves a place in Cooperstown. My question concerns Randy Johnson and if he deserves to be a FIRST ballot All-Star.  Don't read me wrong, I believe The Unit will be an All-Star but does he deserve the honor first ballot?

I think that he does. He has accomplished most everything on the All-Star checklist: multiple All-Star games, World Series title, Cy Young award, World Series MVP award. The only thing missing is a MVP award, however that is so rarely given to a pitcher (especially in this age of baseball of the long ball) that I don't think that it matters.

Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson deserves first ballot induction.
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