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Posted on: June 3, 2008 2:11 pm

Stanley Cup Playoffs

First off, let me say that I am a Detroit Red Wings fan.  My girlfriend lives just out of Detroit and everytime that I was able to go up and see her when she is home we are able to go and see Red Wings games. My favorite of these memories is the day that Steve Yzerman's jersey was retired, because it was just a cool experience.

Either way, last night was Game 5, played in Detroit and it was one of the best hockey games that I had seen in the past few years especially because it was a Stanley Cup game and it was an elimination game.  Personally, for the final period I was yelling at the TV the entire time and was so happy when the Red Wings came from a goal down to take a one goal lead.  I think that I have never screamed louder than when Pittsburgh scored with 34 seconds to go. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 34 SECONDS LEFT BEFORE THE RED WINGS HAVE THE CUP? That is crazy, although it was a good goal.

The overtime periods, all three of them, were great. However, I have to admit there were some WEAK penalties called on the Red Wings but the last penalty was justified. However, WHY THE HELL DO YOU STICK YOUR STICK IN SOMEONES FACE?? As soon as the double-minor penalty was called I knew that the Penguins were going to score.. But what are you going to do?

Here comes Game 6!! Get read for Detroit to bring home the cup!!
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